Everything you will need to know about Bankruptcy Notices

If you have been given a bankruptcy notice or court order you must take action right away to prevent future suffering. Owing somebody money known here as a creditor, can be any individual or business to whom you owe money. If you’re not able to pay money to a creditor, the creditor will approach the […] Read More

Australia’s Household Debt Crisis Looms

Today in the news, former economics advisor John Adams said that Australia is too late to stop an ‘economic apocalypse’ despite his incessant warnings to the political elites in Canberra. He proceeded to advise the Reserve Bank to raise interest rates to avoid household debt getting further out of hand. This bubble is very easy […] Read More

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What Stays On Your Credit Report And For How Long?

A credit report is an in-depth document that shows your history with creditors and has a notable effect on your future financial capabilities. Possessing a ‘good’ credit report is typical so long as you pay your bills and debt repayments on time. However, missing a repayment on a bill or debt repayment can cause substantial […] Read More

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What Is It Like To Go Bankrupt?

There’s no doubt that bankruptcy isn’t the most desirable scenario to be experiencing. There are some harsh financial consequences involved and it’s a very difficult and stressful process that will affect you financially for several years to come. Finding yourself in mountains of debt can happen in the blink of an eye, and lots of […] Read More

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4 Types Of People Who Have Money Problems

When it comes down to money, a person’s personality represents a notable role in their financial decision-making. Everybody is unique, and that’s what makes us human, so it really shouldn’t come as a revelation that there are particular types of personalities that are more likely to have money complications than others. It’s hard to reshape […] Read More

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What Is Debt Consolidation?

We’ve all seen the myriad of debt consolidation ads on TV. There is a considerable amount of competition in the debt consolidation market because sadly, many individuals are struggling financially and these companies provide much needed financial relief. Mortgages, car loans, credit cards; individuals can acquire loans from a vast variety of lenders for virtually […] Read More

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What Happens After You File For Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is not a decision that should be taken lightly. There are some serious financial consequences involved and your financial freedom will be restricted for many years to come. This doesn’t suggest that declaring bankruptcy is the end of the world though. It should really be considered as the first step in securing a bright […] Read More