Bankruptcy in Brisbane – Am I going to lose my job if I go bankrupt?

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Bankruptcy Brisbane – how traveling can get you in trouble.

One thing that some individuals really don’t understand when they have a look at Bankruptcy is that it can actually prevent you from travelling to other countries. This is an element that lots of folks forget, and it can actually get you in a great deal of trouble. If you are facing Bankruptcy then vacationing […] Read More

bankruptcy brisbane,Liquidation Brisbane,Declare Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy and Superannuation.

Superannuation is perplexing enough, not to mention when you need to stress over Bankruptcy as well. At Bankruptcy Experts Brisbane we often have individuals questioning us about what may happen to their super, and if you have a regulated or industry fund (like most superfunds) then your super is secure, and Bankruptcy will have no […] Read More

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How to improve your chances of going bankrupt in Brisbane

Having spent years in the mysterious world of bankrupt in Brisbane I have produced a list to reasons people wind up declare bankruptcy and finish up broke. This is by no means an exhaustive list, there are as many ways to end up bankrupt it seems as there are hot dinners, however for the sake […] Read More